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STEEL PONTOONS 6 X 2.5 (14 available)

Dimensions: Length 6m Width 2.5m  Moulded Depth 0.925.

Description: Fourteen identical steel pontoons in excellent condition. Approximately four years old. Constructed of two steel tubes fabricated with a wall thickness of 12.5mm  to form the pontoon body and connected by webs. Super slide segal  fenders on each side. Afloat the rubber fender float just above the water line.
It could be possible to increase the freeboard of the pontoons by plating over the underside of the pontoons to make a sealed void to create more buoyancy.
Brackets can be fabricated to permanently connect the pontoons end to end.

Ideal for using as pontoons for houseboat construction.

£3,500 each Laying Portsmouth


































































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