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30ft Narrowboat


Completly refurbished late 1980's narrow boat.
Overplated in 6mm steel which includes
base plate, bow plates, swim, uxtor plate and diesel tank.
New raised weed hatch and cavitation plate, new skeg and rudder cup, rudder stock, top bearing and rudder tube.
Engine removed and serviced, engine hole bare metalled and painted in prime and two coats of Dambaline.
Hull blacked with two coats of two pack, integral water tank bare metalled and painted in bitchumen.
Super structure front and back decks bare metalled and painted with Synphony narrow boat paint to 3+3+4 specifications and new windows fitted.
Inside new spray foam insulation and lined out in ply includes wood burning stove and chimney boss.
Engine is a ford 1.8 deisel and prm 160 gear box.
New hexigrip deck boards, steal hatch slide and rear doors.
Would make a great river/canal boat

























































































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