26.8m Steel Training Barge Laying Portsmouth REDUCED £49,000

Dimensions: Length 26.8m Beam 6.2m Current Draft 1m Air draft to upper deck 3.3m

Description: The ex-MOD ammunition barge is in excellent structural condition. The conversion took place in 2013 when the steel superstructure was added. The barge was dry docked blasted and painted. The barge anodes have been regularly replaced since the last dry docking. Concrete ballast was added to compensate for the lifeboat. This could be easily removed if not needed as cast in wooden forms and were added to improve stability for a commercial life boat and davits that was launched from the barge. The upper deck has a manually operated post crane to allow for a single point lift of a boat or materials. The hold and forward and aft compartments were also blasted and painted and are ready for ant fit out. The barge will be without the generator set, life boat and davits which will be removed prior to sale. These items can be purchased separately if needed.

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